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Jasmine botanical name: Jasminum Adenoplyllum


Mali is a medium size shrub. A full bush about 5 feet high from a local plant with origins in India. Application form Application sharp end of China's fort. A strong thick green leaves long size from 1.5 to 3 inch flowers are white flowers with both overlap and leave flowers. When the full panel will be approximately 1 inch in diameter model of the Thai people. Is regarded as jasmine flowers are pure white and fragrant flowers that evening feeling happy. Jasmine is honored as a symbol. Mother's Day is flowers. The government considered the king on the royal birth of the King Queen. Queen is on August 12 is Mother's Day began in the year since 2519.

Mali La

Mali leave the wood creep forward. Young branches and branches to half a semi-soft hair. One application is issued in pairs opposite each. An oblong flat edge. Into a bouquet of flowers 3 flowers bloom before mid-flowering. Leaves one end segment of China's white jasmine flowers are used in this type of sale not cool.

Mali overlap.

Mali leave from an overlapping manner similar to other cards larger than Mali, but leave out a bouquet of flowers with 3 flowers and flower before mid-bloom as well, but not overlapping end segment of China's 3-4.

Mali remove

Mali remove other way round to the beginning of an arrangement of leaves. Similar patterns of leaf overlap leave Mali. But leaves a wave a bouquet of flowers 3 flowers are not much overlap layer over layer is 3-6 white flowers are very fragrant flower 2.5-3.5 cm size.

Mali bullet wood

Mali Chatchai various bullet wood or other similar types of first 4 leaves overlap like Mali and the waves are small bouquet of flowers 3 flowers flowers overlap storied obvious (like Chatchai) and not have any small enough to not bullet wood flower size. 1-1.4 cm, white fragrant flowers.

Mali rings.

Mali is a bunch trunk shrub. Limb soft and semi-soft to semi-limb haired obvious as well. Cards and forms, as well as the arrangement. Mali, but other similar application haired obvious. Packed into a bouquet of flowers. White leaves one small segment length nib size 3-4.5 cm flowers are very fragrant.